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It's a gas mask! SPOILERS FOR THE SOUND OF DRUMSCollapse )

Caps from: inadream_caps

I'm going to make some more, and as always, I'm taking requests. Doesn't have to be Who-specific, I have multiple fandoms. Eventually I'll get a list up.
I want to make some text/quote icons - any suggestions? I'll take requests (as in fandoms I don't follow) so ask.
(posted at my own journal and at seetheshiny which I am trying to revive as a general graphics comm)


The Layout

Hi all, bet you thought this comm was dead. well, it is. but I'm thinking of turning it into a graphics journal, and the first thing I did was the current layout, a Doctor Who/Rose (as in the pairing) layout for time_and_chips
so that's why it looks so DrWhoish for a Firefly comm, since it isn't really a FF comm anymore. sorry. I might go back to making puffs, but not strictly Firefly. maybe a Doctor puff. i don't know. anyway... hopefully I'll be more active now, and school's over, yay!
Testing some tags



See? I'm updating more often now. of course, I'm going to slow down once I get back to school, but now I've proved [to myself] that I can make these on my laptop. Now for the Companion:Collapse )

It's 600x470, quite a bit larger than usual, I know. It's also more detailed & it's based off a single screencap rather than a general character design. I think I'll be doing that more often. I'm also going to try to start doing more than one character in a scene, therefore - pairing suggestions! I'm already planning a Kaylee/Inara scene. All this will be PG, don't worry.


I said this community wasn't going to die & I meant it. I really don't like this one, since it took me so long I think it should be better. Sorry, next up is ... who? not sure yet, ^^

DoctorCollapse )

& I (finally) saw Serenity, so expect some movie-themed puffs.


I'm sorry I haven't updated recently - honestly, I haven't forgotten this comm, I will update when I get Simon done. That might not be for a little while, though, as I'm starting college & I have to move in. I think I may just put this comm on temporary hiatus/slowdown. I might finish Simon by Sat, if I do, I'll upload him then, but if not he probably won't be done until... I can't guess, because I don't know what my schedule's going to be like.

So, sorry for those of you waiting, the most I can say is that his head is done, which is about... 1/3 of it. I will try to get it done by Saturday.


I don't believe there is a power in the 'verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful.Collapse )

Next is Simon!

EDIT - fixed, sorry about that. I freaked because I hadn't checked her eye color.

Mal Puff

Welcome! here's the first puff -

captain tightpantsCollapse )

Any requests?